Friday, April 01, 2016

It's Now or Never

I know I'm a day late with my usual post, but I have a good reason! We went to a hockey game last night and didn't get home until late, for starters, and it's been the kind of week that results in my being completely brain dead and not very coherent by the time I get home anyway. I figured it was better for everyone to wait a day.

Due to the aforementioned hockey game, I did not get any knitting time last night, so my sweater isn't quite done. It's very close, though. I have about six more rounds to knit before I start the cuff on the second sleeve, and I predict that it will be finished tonight. Then all that's left is the collar.

The collar is only eight rounds of garter stitch, so it shouldn't take very long once I pick up the stitches (always the most time-consuming part). If I don't get that done tonight, it will happen in short order tomorrow. And as luck would have it, the weather forecast is calling for a high in the low 40s on Sunday, so I can probably wear the sweater once before I have to pack it up for the season!

I did manage to finish up my first striped sock during my lunch break today (and also cast on the second and got a whopping two rounds knit).

These pink stripes have been such a great pick-me-up during some very stressful days this week.

I got another pick-me-up when I arrived home today -- a package from Canada was waiting for me! Thanks to the random number generator, I won a project bag from She Is Sew Whimsical through a giveaway from Chrissy on the Snappy Stitches podcast.

How cute is this bag? And it's reversible, too -- the inside has little girls on bikes. This will be perfect for a new project that I'll likely be casting on tomorrow.

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