Thursday, August 08, 2013

Bumps in the Road

Last night was a very much needed knit night. It's been another crazy week at work, so I was really looking forward to sitting with my knitting and gabbing for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, my Water Music decided that it shouldn't be a particularly relaxing evening. Not once but twice I had issues with the stitch count not working out and the pattern not lining up. This required tinking and reknitting several times before I discovered that there really wasn't anything wrong most of the time (though I did discover an extra yarnover that snuck in somehow). I'm glad there weren't any huge errors, but it did cost me a lot of time. The ironic thing is that the knitting had been completely smooth sailing until then, even when I'd been working on it with a certain 3-year-old around. I was hoping to get through the rest of the second chart last night, but with the "issues," it was not to be. I'm hoping to complete it tonight, as I have about six rounds left (three of which are just plain knit rounds).

I know this pinkish reddish blob isn't that exciting, so here's a pretty yarn picture for you.

Nassau Blue and Rain Water
I may have impulse bought this Tosh Merino Light at my LYS last weekend. I've had an idea kicking around in my head for a stripey two-color shawl, and these colors just grabbed me. I have been trying to knit the yarn I already have rather than buying more, but the good news is that these two skeins saved me from buying a sweater's lot (I talked myself out of it because I have a sweater's worth of TML already wound and ready to become my next sweater).

While the pink/red blob will continue to be on the needles, I'm planning on casting on a new project while we're in the car for a day trip to visit some family this weekend. Stay tuned!

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  1. Love the Nassau blue! It makes me want to go on vacation immediately!