Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Excitement and Ennui

In addition to all the spinning I did over weekend, I also put in a decent amount of time on my Water Music. I worked on it for a couple of hours at my LYS on Saturday afternoon and a couple more on Sunday afternoon while the Mister took Rainbow to the pool and I made a dinner for later in the week (and caught up on Endeavour). Another hour or so last night leaves me with about 10 or 11 rounds left in the second chart.

After this chart, there's some garter stitch, a final (small) lace chart, some more garter, and a bind off. So far, my yarn supply is holding out fairly well, so I think my plan of using a smaller needle was a good one. I think the shawl will end up being smaller than the pattern specifies, but that's totally okay by me. I hardly ever use or wear the really big shawls I've made over the years, so a smaller shawl is much more likely to get worn.

Meanwhile, I pulled my Sybaritic socks back out for my lunch break knitting. I'm nearly through the gusset decreases on sock number two, so there isn't much knitting left to do before I have a finished pair, but I have to say that I'm over these socks. They look cool, but knitting through the back loop of every stitch on the instep is really tedious. Usually I'm a fast sock knitter, so it frustrates me a bit that I can't zoom through these. I know they'll be really nice looking when I'm done, but I'm ready to move on to the next thing. I have another sock design I've been playing with that I'd like to swatch as well as a lace shawl design I've been working with. Then there's all the baby knitting that I'd like to knock out now if I can.

Too much knitting -- not enough time!


  1. I know the feeling. Sometimes I find myself frustrated that I can't get enough knitting done and have to remind myself that knitting is supposed to be fun and not a series of deadlines and unachieved goals.
    Loving the pink, by the way...

  2. "Too much yarn, not enough time" is pretty much the story of my life.