Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pattern Release: Intermingling

(Okay, I promise this is the last new pattern for a while and that the blog will go back to its normal content after this release!)

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I have a thing for garter stitch. I keep coming back to it, whether it's for shawls or blankets. There's something very comforting to me about knitting every row and the squishy fabric you get. So for this shawl, I started with a basic garter triangle. The twist, and the part that makes this shawl a lot of fun, is in the edging. I introduced a contrast color for some textured stripes and a frilly picot bind off.

This is the third in my series of relatively simple top-down triangle shawls that emphasize texture (there's one more to go), and if I'm being completely honest, this might be my favorite. In terms of difficulty, this is a lot easier than it looks. The texture in the striped section is achieved through slipping stitches, so you're only working with one color at a time even though it might not look like it.

To knit Intermingling, you'll need a 100 g skein of sock yarn (somewhere in the neighborhood of 420-440 yards, though if your skein has a little less than that, you can adjust the shawl easily by working a smaller garter section) plus about 50-60 yards of sock yarn in a contrasting color. The shawl uses pretty basic stitches -- knit, purl, directional increases (m1L and m1R), and slip stitches -- and the only notions you'll need are four stitch markers and a yarn needle to weave in ends. As written, you'll get a shawl that's approximately 46 in. wide across the top edge and about 21 in. deep, but I could see this easily being worked in a heavier yarn for a much more substantial shawl. Picking the colors is both the fun and the hard part, but I think this pattern looks great in bright, cheerful colors (take a look at this test knitter's photos for evidence!).

I had a lot of fun knitting up this sample, and I think I might need to do another -- perhaps in some handspun. I hope you enjoy it!

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