Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Spins

I know that it's technically not yet spring (and it certainly doesn't feel like it), but in my head, winter is over. I have been craving color for so long, and I'm thrilled to see the daffodils and hyacinths starting to poke through the ground. That's probably why I decided to spin this skein of yarn when I did -- it was bright green! It took several sessions of plying during the week, but now it's been washed and just needs to be wound to be ready to knit.

This started as 4 oz. of Falkland fiber from Cosy, and I decided that it might be a good candidate for longer-wearing socks. Falkland seems a little like Corriedale to me -- relatively soft, but hardier than merino. I split the top into three roughly equal pieces and then spun up three bobbins of singles. I didn't worry about lining up the spots of red or anything -- I just let the fiber and the yarn do their thing. I ended up with 366 yards, so a perfect amount for a pair of socks for me. The yarn looks a little on the thin side, so I may knit them on 0's to make them even more durable.

Meanwhile, spinning continues on the next sock yarn. I finished the two bobbins of one colorway from my Mixed Blessings club shipment:

and started spinning the first bobbin of the other colorway:

I am really adoring the process of spinning this fiber. It's a superwash BFL/nylon blend, but it feels almost like it has some silk in it. The luster of the wool is really incredible. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what this yarn looks like with the two colors blended together.

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