Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Four Plies and Two Socks

I have finished my Mixed Blessings Club socks!

These took a bit longer than they should have because I had to knit the foot of the first sock twice, but the second sock at least was a very quick knit. These are nothing special, just plain stockinette, but I did do a slightly different heel. I worked gusset increases at the same time as the heel flap (so I was working in the round the whole time) and then worked back and forth after the heel turn to decrease away the extra stitches. I kept working in the (sl1, k1) pattern on right side rows for that section in order to add some extra durability to the area under my heel.

I really love the way the colors shifted and changed in the knit fabric. Spinning a four-ply sock yarn took a bit of extra time, but I think it was worth it and it's definitely something I'll do again.

Now that these are off the needles, I've moved on to another skein of handspun (one that came with me to Disney World but never got any attention). This is Falkland, which I've never used for socks before but am hopeful that it will be a good choice. Falkland is a little hardier than merino, in my opinion, so I'm hoping it'll stand up to wear a little better.

These socks will be coming with me to MDSW -- three more days!

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