Tuesday, April 01, 2014

No Fooling

It obviously still needs a good blocking, but look, my Zephyr is done!

It's not entirely wearable just yet. I'm still in search of toggles or buttons for the closures on the outside (the pattern says to use hook-and-eye closures for the inside), so I haven't sewn on the loops just yet, although they're done and waiting. Later this week I'll have a good look through my button collection, and if there's nothing appropriate there, I'll go button hunting at my LYS this weekend.

As I predicted, as soon as I finished this sweater, the weather seemed to change to spring (although we did drive home through a blowing snow storm on Sunday!), so this likely won't get worn anytime soon. Still, I like making sweaters in the warmer months because it means I have a bunch of new things to wear when it gets cold again in the fall.

I started a new hat design in the car using some leftover Imperial Yarn Tracie Too. I started with a hemmed brim and then transitioned into a lace pattern (which looks much better stretched out/blocked, let me tell you). I'm still figuring out the crown, but this will be a slouchy beret-style hat -- something fun and relatively quick.

After putting the finishing touches on Zephyr last night, I was a good knitter and swatched for my next sweater with the Yarn Hollow Tor DK I bought last weekend. The pattern calls for a US 6 to make gauge, but I knew I had used a US 4 to get the same gauge with the same yarn in Rainbow's Little Oak, so that's what I started with. After washing, I'm getting nearly perfect stitch gauge, though my row gauge is a little off (I'm getting eight rows per inch rather than seven), but I can work with that. I don't know if I'll cast on tonight or just work on the hat for a bit, but this will be my big project for this month.

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  1. I like the look of that cardigan. It looks like a snuggly one.