Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So Long, Farewell

We are off to Disney World in just a few hours, and I have one sock on the needles and two more skeins of sock yarn in my suitcase (I threw in an extra in case of an emergency). I doubt I will be posting again before we're back, so see you on the flip side!


  1. I love that Knitters understand the "Sock Yarn Emergency." Have a great trip!

  2. It's been forever since I posed everything or event checked Blogger and I was looking through the list of postings specifically to update myself on your bloom and when I saw the word, "Farewell" my heart skipped a beat! I thought you were ending your blog. I was so sad. But going to Disneyworld is perfectly acceptable and in no way threatens my happiness, so I hope you're having a lovely time and riding the teacups. My favorite ride.