Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Tour's End

The Tour de Fleece is now officially over, and while I've certainly produced a lot more in past years, I'm quite happy with what I accomplished this year.

I did not finish another skein in the last days of the Tour, but I did adjust one I'd previously spun so that I'm more happy with it. You saw my skein of corespun in my last post, and you may remember my saying that it was still a little too twisty for my taste. So on Friday night, I decided to try to fix it. I put the skein on my swift and wound it up with my ball winder. Then I quickly ran it through my miniSpinner to remove some of that excess twist. I let it sit on the bobbin overnight and then reskeined and rewashed it Saturday morning. I'm very happy to say that it worked just as I hoped it would.

The skein is now well balanced, and the yarn has fluffed up a bit, making it look and feel much softer.

I ended up with 324.5 yards, a very respectable amount. More importantly, I've really developed my skill with this technique, and I think it's safe to say that there will be more corespun in my future.

The last TdF project is still on my wheel, and I'll continue to work on it this week. This is my BMFA Sheep to Shoe kit. I'm at least past the halfway point on this, having moved on to my third (of four total) little bundle of fiber.

I'll end tonight with something I forgot to show you last week, a new fiber acquisition. I've really been trying to spin up more of my stash than what comes in, but I couldn't resist this:

This is a gorgeous blended merino top from FatCatKnits in a colorway called Blue Footed Booby (inspired by and named for the bird of the same name). It was a limited edition run of the fiber, so I ordered a whole pound of it so I could spin for a sweater. If this fiber alone isn't enough, I have a chocolate brown merino cross fleece in the stash that would look wonderful striped with it. I'm really excited to get to this -- but I'm making myself finish the spin in progress first!

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