Sunday, January 28, 2018

And Then There Were Three

Thanks to a lot of extra spinning time the past couple of weeks, I have finished the third (and, thus far, largest) skein of handspun for my sweater spin. I started plying Friday night and finished it up yesterday afternoon. It's a monster, at 8 ounces and 653 yards of three-ply fingering weight.

This skein used two different colorways of HipStrings Buoy (37.5% BFL, 37.5% Shetland, and 25% Manx Loaghtan). I split up the fiber into smaller bits so that the colors gradually shift from the purple to the blue

Here is how the completed skeins look together, as they will be used in the sweater:

I've got two more skeins left to spin -- the medium blue transitioning to the lightest blue and the lightest blue on its own -- and it's looking like I will have enough yardage. These three skeins alone total 1,270 yards, and technically the pattern calls for only about 400 yards more than that. But having more yardage means I can make the larger of the two sizes I'm considering and make the sleeves full length if I wish. I'm excited to start knitting the sweater, but the spinning has been so enjoyable that I'm not altogether sad that I still have more to do!

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