Sunday, April 01, 2018

Phase One Complete

Well friends, I did it: I finished my Boxy spin! It's taken me since mid-November (with a brief break in December), but I've spun up 32 oz. of fiber into five skeins for my sweater. The last skein was officially finished yesterday.

The last skein (the one on the far right in the photo above) was spun from 6 oz. of Sky, the lightest colorway, and ended up being about 450 yards. In total, I have a bit more than 2,300 yards -- plenty more than what's called for in the pattern. I won't have any worry about running out, and I should have more than enough to lengthen the sleeves. I can't wait to cast on (but I will have to wait, because I just cast on another sweater and want to finish that one first).

So what's next? There are so many things I want to spin, but today, when I had a bit of time, I grabbed my HipStrings club shipment because it was the closest thing. I'm spinning the top first (there's 4 oz. of it) and then I'll do the batt. If I'm being honest, I got so used to spinning the Buoy that it feels a little odd to be spinning something else. If it starts to feel too weird, there is more Buoy in my stash!

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  1. That will be a gorgeous sweater and I can't wait to see it started! Go you!