Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Yen for a Sweater

There's nothing quite like having projects you need to knit to give you the urge to start things you want to knit. In my case, I'm really dying to cast on a sweater or two. It felt so much like fall the past few days that I really wanted a new, cozy sweater to wrap up in, and it was so frustrating to not be able to cast on immediately. But my extreme deadline project is in the home stretch (I'm hoping it'll be done by tomorrow, at the very latest), and the two remaining projects are small enough that I can finish them up fairly quickly, so I predict that I will have a sweater on the needles by the end of the week.

Because the sweater I'm going to cast on for me is worked in fingering weight yarn (and thus will likely be a long-term project), I thought I'd start by casting on Rainbow's next sweater. You saw this yarn back in March when I bought it at Indie Knit & Spin, but as it's been sitting in a bag since then, I thought I'd show it again.

This is Spencer Hill Molly, a naturally dyed worsted weight, in a lovely deep pink color called Raspberry Beret. I'll be using it to make Rainbow a Hyphen in the largest size (though I have a bit less than the recommended yardage, so we may be making some adjustments like a more cropped body or shorter sleeves). I also bought a skein of fingering weight in the same color from the same dyer so that I can make a matching mini sweater for Rainbow's American Girl doll.

As soon as all the remaining obligation knits are done, I will finally be casting on for my Floozy cardigan. I don't imagine I'll be able to whip it up that quickly, but as the majority of it is plain stockinette, it will be a good project to have on the needles for when I need something mindless.

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  1. I hope your obligation knitting is done quickly, that pink yarn will be perfect for Rainbow! And, I love the idea of a matching mini cardi for her American Girl doll!