Sunday, September 23, 2018


After being forced to ignore my spinning while working on deadlines, I tried my best to make up for it this weekend. On Friday night, I sat at my wheel until my Southern Cross Fibre oatmeal BFL singles were done, even when we had a brief power outage and even when our air conditioning stopped working after the power came back on. And today, after taking care of the errands and getting the laundry done, I sat down and plied the entire bobbin.

I didn't wait very long before winding it into a skein and plopping it into the bath to finish it. I think it looked particularly nice on the niddy noddy.

I was trying really hard to spin my singles very fine to try to get decent yardage on this skein, because that's something I always struggle with when I'm spinning BFL. It looked pretty good right off the wheel, but of course I won't know for sure how much I have until the skein is dry. Based on a conservative estimate, I think the worst it will end up being is about 350 yards, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be a little more than that.

Meanwhile, I've got my next spin all ready to go, and I'm rather excited about it. This will be a combo spin with three braids of Targhee/bamboo/silk from Gale's Art:

I've divided each braid in half vertically, more or less (I didn't feel like weighing and redividing, so I just eyeballed it), and I'll be spinning up two skeins, each with one ply of each color. I'm hoping that there's enough similarity between the three braids that it won't turn into mud, and I'm hoping that when I'm done, I'll have enough for a Tegna.

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  1. First, that BFL spun up beautifully! I love the colors!

    Second... I am going to follow your combo spin with great interest! I would love to do that, and I have some braids that I think (??) might work. But, I have the same worries you do about them turning out muddy.