Sunday, September 02, 2018

Oh So Beachy

Thanks to an early dismissal from work on Friday, I got in some extra spinning time this weekend and, as a result, have a finished skein today!

This is Fibernymph Dye Works Cheviot in the colorway Beach Wedding (a colorway that you can totally see was inspired by Lisa's actual beach wedding). I split the fiber into two strips lengthwise and spun them each end to end, chain-plying all the finished singles. I'm happy to report that I successfully achieved fingering weight this time, and I'm quite happy with the ply twist I got -- I put it a bit more than usual, but the yarn is nicely balanced after finishing.

I ended up with about 350 yards after washing, which is a bit less than I was hoping for but still should be sufficient for socks for me, particularly if I knit them toe up.

This was a fairly easy spin and certainly more successful than my last attempt at Cheviot sock yarn, and I'm eager to see how it knits up and how the resulting socks hold up.

Up next on the wheel will be this Southern Cross Fibre oatmeal BFL for a SCF Ravelry group spinalong.

I'm planning to split this vertically and chain-ply again for what I think will be a very autumnal sock yarn -- even if it doesn't quite feel like autumn outside!

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  1. Nice colors in both! But, that beachy skein is LOVELY!