Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Mad Dash

Well friends, we have made it to the end of February. Though some might say that spring doesn't officially arrive for a few weeks yet, I always look at March 1 as the unofficial start to the new season. Usually by the time we get to March, the worst of the winter weather is over and things are starting to bloom -- and of course the days are noticeably longer, which always makes me happy! We're supposed to get a small bit of snow overnight tonight (they're calling it "broom snow," meaning we'll only need to sweep it off rather than shovel it), but that is not stopping me from feeling excited about turning the page on the calendar.

Today's mission is all about finishing up the baby blanket so that I can block it before bed, giving it a full 24 hours to dry before I have to package it up and mail it out. I'm doing just a simple garter border, but even that is taking some time because of the sheer number of stitches on the needles at this point (I haven't counted recently, but it's probably approaching 300). I've brought it to work with me today so that I can get in a bit of extra time on it during my lunch break, and thankfully I also remembered to bring a lint roller with me as well -- it probably wasn't the best idea to wear black pants on a day when I'm working with a light yarn that sheds a lot!

I'm not sure how wide I will make the border, though I was thinking that five garter ridges would be a good size; it all depends on how much I get done in the time I have left because I'll need to leave some time to soak and pin it. I did end up joining in the fourth and final skein of yarn. It looks like I won't use it all, but it feels good to not be finishing this project with one odd skein remaining.

I've been reading this week, though perhaps not as much as I would like. I'm a little past the halfway point in Michelle Obama's book, and while I didn't want to start anything new while I wait for my next library hold to come through (I'm number 2 on the list at the moment), I couldn't resist Mary's recommendation of The Children Act. It was available from the library and Mary assured me that it was a quick read, so I took a chance, figuring that if the hold came through I could finish it up quickly. I only started yesterday and am already nearly halfway done, and I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying it. If today is a quiet day, I might even get to finish it!

The weekend ahead looks fairly busy -- I've got plans to podcast, we're getting our taxes done, and we're getting together with family for lunch. Fortunately I can still knit during most of the activities, so perhaps my socks will get finished as well. I've decided that the next project to tackle is finishing my Floozy, so expect to see it more frequently starting next week!


  1. Sending you good finishing thoughts for the baby blanket! I'm looking forward to seeing Floozy (now there's a strange sentence!)

  2. I loved The Children Act! And, I have about 5 hours to go in Michelle's book - she is reading to me and it is wonderful!

    That blanket looks warm and cosy!

  3. Cool - I had NO IDEA you had a podcast!! ... and I'm so glad you're enjoying Children Act!