Tuesday, October 13, 2020

WIPping Along

Just a quick post from me today with a WIP update because I'm still swamped at work and should be doing that right now rather than blogging (shhh, don't tell!). I've been moving right along with my current projects and actually making some visible progress!

The last time I showed you my Radiate, I mentioned that it looked really small on the needles. Here's some proof that it does actually fit (though I am not too talented at taking selfies while trying to model knitwear, so it doesn't look like a great fit here):

I expect that I'll get a bit more ease from blocking, especially around the neck, but I'm very happy with the fit as it is now. I usually wear my sweaters over a long-sleeved t-shirt, like the one I'm wearing today, and it fits comfortably. I'm just about to start the waist shaping on the body, and I've moved the stitches over to a 32 inch needle (I was using a 40 inch circular for the yoke), so it's much more comfortable now.

Rainbow's hat has been getting some serious attention lately and is almost done -- I started the crown decreases last night.

I was using a 16 inch circular before but have switched over to a longer one to magic-loop the crown, and now it's clear that this hat is rather roomy, probably more than it needed to be. Oh well! I think the halo from the mohair/silk will keep it in place, and it will certainly be warm. This was a fun experience, but I haven't much cared for knitting with the slub base, so I'll be happy to finish this one.

I got some new yarn in the mail late last week, but I will share that in my next post because it's a very gloomy day today and the light won't do the colors justice, so stay tuned! I hope the sun is out wherever you are. What are you knitting today?


  1. Radiate is an interesting sweater and I wondered how knitting with that slub base would be. I'm afraid I might be tempted to pick at the slubs. I think it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow so I hope we get to see the new yarn soon!

  2. So pretty, Sarah! (both projects :-) The sun is FINALLY out here after four days ... and it's such a nice change.

  3. I am knitting wee baby booties!! And, marveling at how small they are!

  4. I'm glad to see that your sweater fits comfortably. Rainbow's hat is adorable - and has room for her to grow :)

    I hope you finish your work projects soon!

  5. What a beautiful sweater, Sarah! And I just love the colors for Rainbow's hat. :-)

  6. The sweater looks fantastic!! OMG, I really thought it would look a little dark but this is just amazing. It fits so well with the blue! Gorgeous.

    And the hat looks so cool! I really like the stripes here, both yarns work extremely well together. Woot!

    1. Thank you! I'm really pleased with how the sweater is working up.