Monday, October 24, 2022

Weekending with the Pupper

Monday again -- how quickly it always seems to arrive! Rainbow and I spent the weekend puppy-sitting my brother and sister-in-law's dog while they were out of town for a wedding. We did this once before earlier in the year, but it was so frigid that weekend that it wasn't much fun. This time around, we had gorgeous fall weather that made it actually pleasurable to go out for walks. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but they live up the street from the house where my brother and I grew up, so it was fun to walk around the old neighborhood. Leo also entertained us and came up to make sure we were awake both mornings. He cracked us up with this funny face as well:

Before the weekend with Leo, though, I had a lovely day off on Friday. The weather was spectacular, and after a good run in the morning, I picked Rainbow up at school at 11, and then after lunch, the Mister joined us to go out to the farm. We came home with one big pumpkin for the front stoop and a couple of mini pumpkins for interior decoration, a quart of apple cider, a half peck of several varieties of apples, an apple pie, and some fresh apple cider donuts (we each had one in the parking lot before we got back into the car to come home). The donuts and pie have all been consumed, and a couple of the apples have been enjoyed. We haven't yet decided if we'll carve the pumpkin, but I happened to see this video over the weekend and think it's genius!

When I wasn't out walking the dog over the weekend, I spent the time knitting and watching TV with Rainbow. We watched some baking shows (Is It Cake? and Nailed It!) as well as the original Hocus Pocus before starting the new one because Rainbow had seen bits and pieces over the years but not the full movie. She had a scrappy crochet project and I had my knit projects, and quite a lot was accomplished.

First, I finished my socks:

I'm delighted with how they turned out, and the pattern is currently with my tech editor, so these will soon be out in the world as a pattern everyone can make. I didn't try to make the stripes match because of how long the repeat was, which is a good thing, because there wasn't too much yarn leftover. But what was left was immediately put to use in another scrappy charity hat:

One of my friends on Ravelry is collecting hats for a children's cancer center, so I'm planning to send this and the other similar hats I've made, plus any more I can finish this week, on to her. This hat used close to 300 yards of leftover Fibernymph Dye Works Bounce in various colorways held triple. I cast on Saturday and finished it Sunday morning, so it was just about instant gratification. Rainbow also mentioned that she'd be happy to work on one, provided I cast on and do the ribbing and crown decreases and put it on a 16" needle (I worked the body of this one magic loop, which she hasn't mastered yet).

I did not manage to start the project with the mini skeins, but that will be cast on very soon. Right now, though, I'm sneaking in a quick knit that will be part of Rainbow's Halloween costume, the rest of which she's made herself.


Any guesses? All should be done and ready to be revealed by Wednesday.

Have a good start to your week!


  1. Sounds like such a good weekend Sarah! So nice to have a gorgeous Fall day when you need to walk a dog. Friday sounds like it was lovely too. I could go for some cider and an apple pie!! No idea about Rainbow's Halloween costume - can't wait to see/hear what it is!

  2. My guess for the Halloween costume . . . Little Red Riding Hood???

    Your weekend sounds perfect. Beautiful socks and hat.

    Leo could NOT be any cuter with his silly face.

  3. What a lovely weekend you had! The socks look great and so does your scrappy hat. I could use some apple cider donuts myself but might bake something later today. I have no guesses about Rainbow's Halloween costume but am anxious to see it on Wednesday.

  4. That sounds like a great weekend. I love the image of you and Rainbow, each with your projects and watching Hocus Pocus!

  5. What a delightful weekend. The trip to the farm sounds like a good way to spend part of a day away from work. The socks and the hat look great. I too like the image of you and Rainbow working on your projects while watching a movie.

  6. I'm so excited that you all enjoyed a lovely visit to the farm! It sounds like you came home laden with fun fall treats. And that Leo . . . he's such a sweet pup. I have no guesses re: Rainbow's costume, but I'm looking foward to the Big Reveal! Love the socks and hat, Sarah. XO

  7. What a fun weekend ... and that Leo has real personality :-) My guess for Rainbow's costume is Waldo. Can't wait for the reveal!!