Friday, February 09, 2024

I Can Buy Myself Flowers

Yes, if you're wondering, I have had that Miley Cyrus song in my head quite a bit this past week after watching the Grammys on Sunday. But I used it for the title of this post because the skein of handspun I finished yesterday makes me think of my favorite early spring flowers, daffodils. I haven't seen any blooming yet, but there are lots of them coming up in my neighborhood, so I'm sure it's just a matter of time. And they immediately came to mind as I was plying this yarn and seeing the green of the stems, the yellow of the blooms, and the brown of the earth.

This was spun from one of the Southern Cross Fibre Tour de Fleece prize colorways from last year called Bordeaux. It's a delightful 85% Merino/15% silk blend -- it really drafts so easily. I've got about 432 yards of three-ply fingering, and I didn't even use all the singles. One bobbin ran out, and when I tried to bracelet-ply from one of the remaining bobbins, it got all tangled up and I decided to just cut my losses.

Now that this is done, my focus for the moment is my sweater, which is getting very close to the body/arms divide. I did my final increase round last night, which is why it's looking so bunched up on the needles.

At some point I'll get out another long circular needle and transfer half the stitches over so I can try it on, but I'm not terribly concerned about it not fitting. I've worked with this yarn before and am confident in my gauge, so all should be well.

This weekend I'm having my mahj group over to play and we're planning to make snacks for dinner on Sunday while we watch the Super Bowl (I'm not terribly invested in the game itself, but Mo naturally is because of the whole Taylor Swift thing). I am trying to enjoy the unseasonably mild weather we're having this week -- I won't need a coat for my run today! -- before the snow is due to come back next week. Here's hoping you have a relaxing weekend planned!


  1. I've been singing that Miley Cyrus song since last summer . . . and it is the perfect song for your newly spun yarn! Daffodils, indeed! I have a few daffodil shoots coming up in my own garden, but I'm hoping the cooler weather coming helps slow them down to a more "normal" pace. Have a great weekend, Sarah!

  2. Yikes!! Snow next week? I had not seen/heard that. Your sweater is looking good. You are such a fast knitter you will have it done in no time. My brother and his wife have daffodils up and one was open when we visited them on Wednesday. They are roughly 60 miles south of us, so really no surprise. Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes... back to winter next week, sigh! (But this brief sunny respite has been a balm!) My snowdrops are on the verge of blooming!

  4. That new yarn is amazing! I saw the before picture and then this - kind of blows my mind!

  5. Your daffodil handspun is lovely! I don't think I would have predicted that you would get that yarn from those singles, but it is a welcome surprise. Last night our big topic of conversation at dinner was whether Travis Kelce's mother would be sharing a box with Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl. John and I had read differing accounts in the news, but even we discuss TS once in a while!

  6. Your spun yarn and your sweater are very nice. Snow? Did you say SNOW??? I DID hear we might get a "slushy mix" on Tuesday, but I was really la-la-la-ing my way through that portion of the weather with my fingers in my ears.

  7. I am loving your striped sweater! It will be lovely. I have visions of a similar sweater for myself with 1" stripes of many colors. Someday... (when I finish the socks, afghan, and sweater currently on my needles)

    1. While I'm only using the four colors in this sweater, I can see how the pattern could be a really fun way to play with a bunch of smaller amounts of yarn.

  8. I love that handspun so much! I can definitely see daffodils in there :)

  9. I was so surprised to see how the green really dominated the finished yarn ... it's so pretty. and so SPRING!