Friday, May 10, 2024


It is a rainy, gloomy Friday here in Pittsburgh, but I finally got a decent night's sleep last night and am feeling much better this morning than I have all week. Of course, the fact that the weekend is only hours away might have something to do with it!

Last night was Mo's final performing arts concert of middle school. She has signed up for the glee club in high school, but that's an elective; in middle school, all students are required to do one performing arts course -- choir, band, strings, or dance -- and thus we sat through performances from all grade levels, some certainly better than others. Obviously I paid complete attention when she was on stage, but for the other performances, it was the perfect opportunity to pull out a vanilla sock:

This is the sock I started when Mo and I went to see Company last month, and I hadn't touched it since that day. I'm planning for these to be for my sister-in-law for her birthday (which is in September, so I've got plenty of time). Last night's knitting got me to the end of the leg, so I am ready to start the heel flap the next time I pick these up.

Today, though, I am hoping that I will see the end of my Björn singles -- this is all the fiber that's left!

I have an excellent book to finish reading while I spin, so it's just a matter of whether or not work cooperates.

The weekend ahead is looking fairly calm and, unfortunately, not great in terms of weather -- cooler temps and more rain. But I have an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow (it's been a year since my last cut!) and we'll be going to my brother- and sister-in-law's house on Sunday for a Mother's Day brunch. I've also told the Mister that I'd like my Mother's Day gift to be a trip to Home Depot to get plants for the garden, so we'll probably do that tomorrow and I'll have to keep my fingers crossed for some dry weather on Sunday to plant. Sadly my dahlia tubers did not survive their winter in my shed, so they went into the compost and I will pick up some other flowers to plant. If anyone has recommendations for plants that will not get eaten by rabbits, let me know!

If you're celebrating Mother's Day this weekend, I hope it's a good one, and I'm sending love to those of you for whom it's a difficult day. Here's to a relaxing and restorative weekend for all of us!


  1. Congratulations on attending your last middle school concert! As you said, some are better than others but I am glad that that stage of my life is done! Your Björn singles are beautiful and rich-looking, and I'm looking forward to seeing more as this spinning project progresses. I wish you a Happy Mother's Day and at least a weekend free of rabbits. I don't have any plant suggestions; whatever the rabbits don't eat here, the squirrels, groundhogs, and deer do!

  2. Glee Club sounds fun! We have gone from winter weather to summer overnight so I am suffering whiplash. Off to get more containers and plants today for some weekend planting too.

  3. The end of an era—and the start of a new one! When my brother was in show choir in high school I got so much knitting done during competitions (and in the car on the way to competitions!). Hope you find lots of great plants at the garden center!

  4. You have THE luckiest SILs!!
    Overwintering dahlias has often struck me as high maintenance. I've followed the advice for overwintering geraniums and rosemary (a cold, darkish place; ignore them)--always to end up with dusty sticks!
    We've had good luck with hosta, both at home and at the cottage (combined, we have deer, woodchucks, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. They don't bother with them. Maybe they do in others' yards, but not ours.). Plus, you can mow right over hosta and nothing's worse for the wear! (There's also a fun variety, if you go to a nursery.)
    Happy weekend and HMD to you!

  5. Happy Mother's Day, Sarah.

  6. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Glee Club does sound like fun for Mo! Hope your weekend is wonderful and full of good things. And I hope work cooperated today. After receiving your email earlier, I did make a cup of herbal tea and added some hot honey. Delish!! We've had luck with snapdragons. The deer ignored them and rabbits too. We are going to our local (favorite) nursery tomorrow to get a few things. Hope your plant shopping is successful. I think we will have the same rainy weekend as you....

  7. A vanilla sock is always a good idea. It's also hard to beat a self-striping yarn in stockinette. Happy Mother's Day. I hope the weather cooperates so you can get plants in the ground.

  8. A vanilla sock is the perfect thing for much of life! And Glee Club! What fun for Mo!