Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Unraveled, Week 21/2024

Greetings from a warm Southwestern Pennsylvania, where we are having a brief taste of summer! I believe it hit (or got darn close to) 90ºF here yesterday, and if you ask me, it's much too early for that here. It's Wednesday, which means it's time to join up with Kat and the Unravelers again.

I am happy to share that my colorwork cowl, while not yet blocked, has officially been finished, with ends woven in and openings grafted.

The only reason it has not yet been blocked is because my blocking racks are currently full with another load of sweaters, but they should be dry by today and I can get this in to soak. As you may be able to tell from the photo, there's a twist in the cowl so that it sits nicely around the neck. I like the effect, but I'm also pondering how best to block this thing, and I have a feeling some towels as props might be involved.

Because that's now off the needles, I've started swatching for a new bigger project: a Rift tee.

I am using yarn that I won from the Unraveling podcast sometime last year. It's called Uru Yarn Asher (it was an exclusive yarn for Knitcrate, which was since folded), and it's a sport weight with a chainette construction. It's a really interesting fiber blend: 34% cotton, 35% linen, 19% Lyocell, and 11% nylon. The color in the photo is not quite accurate; it's more of a pale yellow-y green called Cucumber. As you can see from the swatch, it's got a bit of crunchiness to it, so it's not going to be the smoothest fabric, but I think it'll be really comfy for summer and will probably soften up with wear. Assuming I can get gauge, I'm going to be knitting the smallest size in the pattern, which is a 40" bust. The pattern calls for 6-12" of positive ease, but the 5" I would get from this size should be plenty for me and my little chest.

It's been another excellent week of reading with two finishes -- both yesterday, in fact!

The Reading List came out nearly three years ago but didn't get onto my radar until recently, and it was a lovely audiobook listen over a few days. There is a nice story, but I think the bigger message of it is about the power of books (and libraries) to bring people together, to help people understand others, and to improve themselves. It's quite clear that books and libraries are important to the author, and I consider her one of My People! I quite enjoyed the narration as well. There is a list of books that's central to the story, and I believe I've read all but three of them. In fact, this book and the list are the impetus for several of us who are tackling the biggest book on the list this summer! There are sad moments in the book, but overall I found it to be a joy. I gave it 4 stars.

My other finish is a book that's really amazing but also amazingly hard to describe. Same Bed Different Dreams was a finalist for this year's Pulitzer Prize for fiction, an honor well deserved if only for the craft. There are so many pieces to this novel that weaves together strands as disparate as the history of Korea, a technology giant that seems to own and control almost every facet of life, the assassination of President McKinley, film criticism, cultural identity, adoption, science fiction writing, religious cults, and many other random stories and factoids that somehow all come together. I spent much of the book thoroughly confused but also fascinated, and even though I felt very satisfied at the end, I also felt like I should start the book over because I was certain I missed so many things! This isn't an easy read and definitely won't be for everyone, but I thought it was brilliant. 5 stars!

Now I am trying to finish up Kairos before we leave on our trip because I don't really want to take a hardback book with me, and I've got quite a lot on my Kindle shelf to choose from for my next book.

What are you making and reading this week?


  1. Your cowl is gorgeous Sarah! I'm not really much of a pink person, but I really like it. Ditto on the color for your new tee - that is so pretty. Looks like you've had another good reading week. I'm into "Table for Two" and enjoying (though I wish it were not short stories - LOL).

  2. Oh Sarah! I love that cowl so much! It is really the perfect length and the colorwork... It is just so fun!

    I am immersed in the lead up to the Civil War and Erik Larson has worked his magic yet again!

  3. That cowl is so beautiful and bright! I'm looking forward to the pattern and will be tempted to use the same yarn. That Rift tee is interesting and will make a lovely summer sweater. The Reading List sounds really interesting and I'm going to see if any of my libraries have it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Your Rift ought to be a fun layering piece. And the mention of President McKinely piques my interest, as he was assassinated not far from home (a shopping mall was named for him--and as kids, we ALL knew that mall, but very few knew the reference!).
    Have a wonderful trip. We're big fans of Chicago here. I describe it as a smaller take on NYC, with more walkability and way less attitude!

  5. That cowl looks so good! The yarn for your Rift tee sounds like it's going to be nice and breezy and comfortable.

  6. The cowl looks great - I do love the twist you added! and I'm delighted that you read about the genesis of our Big Book (and still want to read it)!

  7. The cowl is beautiful. I also like the look of the swatch. The yarn looks like it will make a great summer garment. I'm reading nonfiction, The Lost Flock, the story of a shepherdess and her Orkney Boreray sheep and Soil: The Story of a Black Mother's Garden. I'm loving Soil. It's a charming thoughtful memoir.

  8. Your cowl is stunning! So excited to see it in your wardrobe! I also loved The Reading List but don't remember the list that's central to the book. Hmmm... Now I'm off to search for it!

    1. found it! I've also read all but two! And now I'm wondering if I should be adding A Suitable Boy to my summer reading?!

    2. So glad you decided "um, MAYBE!"