Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to the Grind

How is it that I always manage waste a good chunk of my holiday weekend sleeping? J and I got almost 11 hours on Saturday night and almost 10 hours on Sunday night. No wonder it was hard getting up and getting back on schedule this morning.

Thank you for all of your kind comments on Seraphim. I was really just so pleased with how it turned out, and while that's enough for me, it's nice to know that others are admiring it as well. In the future I want to try knitting this pattern in lace weight yarn to see how it looks, but for now the next shawl in my queue is Icarus (yes, another Miriam design). I have about 1,300 yards of bright red merino just calling my name.

I am making moderately good progress on my Sizzle, although I've slowed down somewhat in my drive to finish it since the weather is no longer amenable to my actually wearing it. I did finish the back and make a good start on the front over the weekend, but at the moment I've shifted my attention over to my current socks (sock #1 complete, sock #2 approaching the heel flap).

In truth, I did not get much knitting done this weekend, in part because I spent so much time sleeping, but also because I watched a lot of local news coverage. You may heard the sad news that our beloved mayor, Bob O'Connor, passed away Friday night. I didn't really know him, although you may remember that he helped me out in a moment of need back in February. The thing about Bob was that you didn't have to know him, you just felt like you did -- he was Pittsburgh. He loved this city so much and had such great plans for it; he was Pittsburgh's biggest champion. He will be greatly missed.

Tomorrow: a less depressing post -- with pictures!

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  1. Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending a holiday weekend sleeping!

    I forgot the the mayor called 911 to make sure they were speedy for you. Very sad how things turned out for him, I feel awful for his family. He seemed like he was doing wonderful things for the city, I hope the new mayor carries on with his plans.