Tuesday, March 06, 2018

A Resurrection of Sorts

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I'm the type of knitter who usually has several projects going at once and rotates through them fairly likely. You'll also know it's unlike me to let a project languish for a long period of time (one notable exception notwithstanding). So I'm sure that like me you're completely puzzled by the fact that this WIP has been sitting in a bag, ignored, for so long.

I'm sure you'll have no problem identifying the pattern -- the Wonder Woman Wrap that was such a hit last summer following the release of the movie. I specifically bought the yarn for this project last year at SSK and was very excited to start it. I couldn't remember exactly when I cast on, so I had to check my Ravelry project page: August 26. That's quite a long time ago, and I really have no reasonable explanation for why it's remained unfinished this long. There is nothing wrong with the pattern, and I've enjoyed knitting it. The only possible thing I can say is that more pressing things have come up and I've just forgotten it was still on the needles because it was buried at the bottom of a bag of projects.

When I picked up this WIP again in the past week, I found there really wasn't much knitting left to do on it. I had about four garter ridges left on the upper W, the upper triangle, and the final stripe along the top. As of this writing, only that stripe is left (along with weaving in a heck of a lot of ends). I'm fairly confident that I can finish this long-languishing WIP by the end of the week.

The only other thing on the needles at the moment is Rainbow's socks, which are now past the 50 percent mark. I got some good knitting time in on these while we were getting our taxes done over the weekend. These are a new design with the heel from Non-Euclidian.

When these WIPs are finished up, I'll be starting some new designs and possibly a new pair of socks for the Mister, who hasn't gotten any new socks in a while. I ordered some self-striping yarn from Fibernymph Dye Works for him last month that's a little wild for him but in "his" colors, so I think he'll like them. At least it's not all black!


  1. The wrap will be a great FO. I think it's super adorable your "one noteable exception" threw back to a post siting another "notable exception". :). I guess there's always gotta be one, right?

  2. I even used the same words! I feel like I can give myself a pass for the previous exception -- it was a project that I started right before my daughter was born, and it's since been frogged.

  3. Now, I am not feeling quite so bad after reading this! And, perhaps I can help you feel better too! (I have UFO's that are much older than this!)