Thursday, March 08, 2018

Still Knitting

No real progress to report here; it's been a busy week, so I am inching along on my projects and looking ahead to a long weekend (Rainbow and I are both off tomorrow). I've got about 15 more rows to knit on the top of my Wonder Woman Shawl, so it only looks a tiny bit different from the last time you saw it.

Duni left an interesting comment on my last post, noting that I'd called my Breezy Cardigan my "one notable exception" to my habit of not letting projects linger on the needles for long periods of time and yet, in the post about the sweater, I pointed out one other "notable exception" to this practice, a Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole that I started a little more than a month before Rainbow was born. I'd say that project was a special exception considering the timing; I didn't knit much at all right after Rainbow was born, and I ended up ripping out the project altogether a while ago because I just wasn't feeling it anymore.

Rainbow's socks are approximately 75% complete at this point; I'm on the heel of the second sock. She's getting antsy for them to be done, so I expect they'll get some extra attention this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, it looks like it might be another busy one. Although we're off tomorrow, we're pretty scheduled up, with two dentist appointments (one for me, one for her), a parent-teacher conference at her school, and a plumber coming to repair something. Saturday I have to go get some bloodwork done and then we're going to do a little car shopping. Sunday we turn the clocks ahead (yay for more light but boo for an hour less of sleep) and have to do the usual errands and chores. On top of all this, tomorrow is actually my birthday, and we're having the entire family over for dinner to celebrate on Saturday evening. I'm hoping I can use the event as an excuse to grab some more quiet crafting time amid all this activity!

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