Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I don't have much to share tonight, mostly because I'm in my busiest time of year at work and my brain has been completely fried. I'm still working on my beer stripe socks; the first one is finished and I've just started the heel of the second, but I didn't take a picture because how many pictures of the same stripes do you really need to see? I'm sure I'll knit a little of this and a little of that tonight, as long as it's something I don't have to think too hard about, but I figured that as long as I don't have the brain power to follow a pattern, it's the perfect time to do some procrastinated blocking.

This shawl has been done for more than a week and has just been sitting in my project bag ever since I finished binding off. Normally I'm ready to block as soon as a shawl comes off the needles. Can I blame the fact that despite the calendar saying it's the first day of spring, we're in the middle of another snow storm?

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  1. Yesterdays storm was truly a miserable thing! I hope that this is the last blast of winter!