Thursday, March 29, 2018

New Cast-ons

After all that new yarn came into the stash last weekend, I didn't wait very long before I started using in. In fact, not long after the last post was published, I cast on for my Humulus using the HipStrings Buoy that I bought. What you see here is the work of two evenings -- it's really knitting up quickly!

Right now I'm on a larger needle than the one I'll be using for most of the sweater, and it's clearly a newer one, judging from how crazy the cable is. At the moment, fighting that cable is the only frustrating thing about this project. Everything else is great, and the yarn is really nice to work with -- definitely a rustic-feeling, woolly wool. I had one little issue with a hole forming near one of the short row turning points, but I'll go back and fix that later.

I needed a new pair of socks for my lunch break knitting after finishing my Down at the Pub socks on Tuesday, so I've started a new pair for the Mister. My Ravelry project page tells me that the last time I knit him a pair of socks was 2009, so he was due (although I stopped knitting them for him for a while because he declared he had enough). These are a bit wilder than the ones I'm used to knitting for him, and I bought the yarn specifically to make socks for him, so I'm assuming he'll be okay with this pair.

The yarn is Fibernymph Dye Works Bounce in the colorway Harlequin. The colors of the stripes nearly match the colors of the Mister's company, so I thought these might be fun for him to wear to work sometimes. The black has been rubbing off on my fingers a bit as I've been knitting on them, so once the socks are finished, they'll be getting a little special treatment to make sure the dye is really set and completely rinsed.

The weekend ahead looks like it will be a good one for crafting. Passover starts tomorrow evening (and we're hosting this year), so there likely won't be any of my usual Friday night spinning, but we've got nothing else on the calendar, so I plan to relax and spend time with Rainbow, who's been doing sleepovers at her grandparents' this week while she's been on spring break. I expect that by the next time I post knitting content, my sweater will look a lot more like a sweater!

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  1. Oh, I love the start of that sweater, it looks great. And, what bright socks! Nice!!