Sunday, March 04, 2018

Just Like Old Times

After more than two weeks of not spinning, I was very much missing my wheel and made up for all that time away during the Olympics. In the past week, I've finished two bobbins of singles toward the next skein of my sweater spin:

and I'm nearly halfway through the third:

I imagine that I'll be done with the singles and perhaps even have gotten them plied by this time next week, leaving me just one more skein left to spin for the project. As lovely as this fiber is to spin, I'm going to be very happy to be done with it if only so I can spin something a little different for a change! There has been plenty of new fiber coming in to the stash while this project has been under way, including the January shipment of the Southern Cross Fibre club, which showed up later than expected due to some shipping snafus (all on the part of the USPS, not David).

This is a colorway called Fragonard on South African Superfine, and it is as soft as you would think. I'm pondering how to spin this in a way that won't muddy up the delicate colors. Suggestions welcome!

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  1. It almost looks like you could divide it up and spin it by colorways as a gradient. I have done this before and the area's were one color meets the next end up being a really nice blend of the two colors, it worked well!