Thursday, March 22, 2018

Blocked and Trimmed

After lingering for months on the needles and then sitting in a bag for more than a week after it was bound off, my Wonder Woman Wrap is finally finished finished finished -- it's been blocked, the ends have been trimmed, and it's had its photo shoot!

This thing is positively enormous. It's so big that I couldn't even get it all in the shot. It's so big that I didn't even try to measure the wing span because I'm fairly certain it's bigger than any of my measuring tapes will go. It was a very fun knit and certainly very engaging due to the clever shaping. If I have one complaint, it's that I think I used needles that were too large. The yarn I used was on the light side of fingering, and the resulting fabric is a bit on the airy side for my taste; I really would have preferred a denser fabric.

See what I mean? It's not really a big deal, and it's entirely my own fault, but I'll be sure to use a smaller needle the next time I knit it (and there will be a next time, because Rainbow is already angling for one -- though she'll be getting the smaller size).

Still on the needles are my socks, which are approximately 70% complete, and a new pattern sample.

This probably looks a little familiar because it coordinates with the last two pairs of socks I knit. This time I'm using Marianated Yarns Playtime DK, which is an amazingly round yarn with excellent stitch definition. I must use more of this in the future for something with cables!

I may do a little work on the hat tonight, but my first order of business is doing some swatching. Indie Knit and Spin is this Saturday, and Rainbow and I will be doing some shopping. I'm thinking of buying a sweater quantity of yarn I have a skein of already, and I want to see if it will work for the pattern I have in mind. Rainbow is on the hunt for yarn for a new sweater for her (in worsted) and for a matching sweater for her American Girl doll (in fingering). And I'm sure we'll find some other ways to enhance our stash while we're there!

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  1. Oh, I love your Wonder Woman wrap! It is awesome!