Sunday, March 25, 2018

Just One More Step

This weekend I decided that I had had enough: It was time to finish the rest of my singles for my sweater spin. My wrist might be angry with me later, but I'm very pleased to say that I accomplished my goal earlier this afternoon

These three bobbins hold 6 oz. of singles for my final skein. I will be plying at some point this week, and for certain I will have a finished skein by this time next week.

Yesterday was Indie Knit and Spin here in Pittsburgh. Rainbow and I went with the intent of finding yarn for sweaters for both of us, and we were successful (I'll share the yarn in my next post). While I certainly wasn't intending or needing to buy any fiber, some did catch my eye and came home with us as well. First was this braid of Targhee, bamboo, and silk from Gwen Erin Natural Fibers. I've always enjoyed Gwen's fiber, and I thought this might be a fun blend to try.

Then, while we were shopping in the HipStrings booth, this fun braid caught both our fancies.

This is one of Jill's favorite things colorways, Raindrops on Roses. It's going to be a slippery spin -- it's 62.5% Merino, 12.5% viscose from roses, 12.5% viscose from bamboo, and 12.5% trilobal nylon -- but I think it'll be pretty fabulous. I'll likely do a quick and dirty two ply with this to keep as much of the fibers together as possible. I'm certainly going to have a lot of good options for my first spin after the end of the sweater spin!

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  1. Nice finds! I am sorry but we could not get out to visit on Saturday.