Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Knitting Priorities

With all of the craziness in my life these days, I've been inspired by Jess's post to really work out my knitting priorities for this summer and make a comprehensive list of my goals. As usual, I have a feeling that what I'd like to knit is going to be a lot more than I can actually knit, but it's good to have lofty goals, right? So let's see ...

1. Knit socks. Lots of 'em.
Some will be for me, some will be for babies, and some will be to go in the long-term planning box for holiday gifts. First up is the mate to this purl-less Monkey, finished last night:

As soon as we move in to the new house and I have access to my swift and ball winder again, I'm getting out my latest STR and going to town with it. And I am determined to finally get into my Cat Bordhi book and knit some new! exciting! and different! socks.

2. Keep up with the mystery shawl clues to complete it on time.
The first clue comes out this Saturday!

3. Finish my Icarus Shawl.
Eventually. It turns one in August, so maybe by then.

4. Finish my February Lady Sweater in a timely manner.
I am determined to be on the front end of the bandwagon on this one, for once. Last night I had to frog what I had done and cast on for a smaller size, so I'm back to where I was.

(I must add here that I am thoroughly enjoying knitting with the DIC Classy -- so smooshy!)

5. Knit another Sizzle.
I've had the yarn for about a year, and it's a fast pattern, so there's really no excuse. Plus, I want to wear it this summer!

Not really a knitting goal, but ...

6. Spin up enough of my fiber that I can justify buying more.
But not so much that it seriously interferes with my knitting time.

Looking at these, I don't think these goals are unreasonable, do you?

What are your summer knitting/crocheting/spinning goals?


  1. Those sound like great goals! Very attainable!

  2. No, no ... Smooshy is DIC's SOCK yarn! :) I do need to knit something with Classy. I wound a bunch of kits with it and it's great to work with.

    Goals? I'd like to be eligible for each two-week drawing during Summer of Socks, finish a summer sweater and get back to quilting. Good luck with your list, and the rest of the move!

  3. Given that I'm unemployed these days about 75% of the time, I should be knitting like crazy but I'm trying to pace myself so I don't burn out. No goals for me for now and anyway, goals sound like they involve swatching.

  4. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I like the black and white photo....... very vintage

  5. Those sound very doable!

    Me, I'm freakishly anal, so I actually have my queue scheduled out by month for the next year. Of course, that all gets shot to hell when I decide I don't feel like knitting X project during Y month with Z yarn, but then I get to spend more time with my spreadsheet, and well, that's fun, too. ;)

  6. Seriously, you are so damn fast that I have no doubt you can accomplish all of your knitting goals and more! :)

  7. Anonymous12:12 AM

    I doubt you need to worry about setting any knitting or spinning goals. You seem to always whip out projects faster than anyone I know.

    I think that if anyone should set some goals, it should be me. I suppose I should start with a blogging goal.

  8. Anonymous5:59 PM

    They'd be completely unobtainable goals for me and just naming them would pop them into limbo but you shouldn't have a problem at all!

  9. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Whoops. Not anonymous.

  10. Sizzle looked so bad on me, like a potato sack actually, but I think you should go for it because it is a great pattern! And your goals are totally doable...