Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Man Socks, with a Twist

Those of you who know The Mister, whether in real life or through my descriptions of him here, know that he's not very adventurous when it comes to wearing color. Sometimes I feel like I should call him Mister Shades of Gray.

While I'm happy to knit The Mister socks to fit his big feet, and I'm happy to knit them in nothing but stockinette or ribbing, it does get very boring very quickly to be knitting only in black or shades of gray. So, I decide to push the envelope this time, just a little bit. These socks aren't black or gray -- they're black and gray.

Pattern: Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Knit Picks Essential (75% superwash wool, 25% nylon), colorway Carbon Twist, two skeins
Needles: two 12" US 1 (2.5 mm) Addi Turbo circs
Started/Completed: June 15/June 24
Mods: substituted ssks for k1 sl1 pssos

The subtle color-shifting quality of this yarn -- which makes the knitted fabric look a little like TV static to me -- is a result of how the yarn is composed. It's a four-ply yarn, with two plies of each color. The Mister seemed to really like how these were looking as I was knitting them up.

I think I'm now officially out of black and/or gray yarn. If The Mister wants more socks, I'll just have to go yarn shopping -- oh, darn!


  1. Very nice! You might be able to find something similar in black and brown -- dark brown, mind you -- I'm thinking like Wildfoote Tom Cat -- and then slowly, very very slowly, break out into -- navy blue!!

  2. Congrats! I'm about to embark on the first pair of socks for the Hubster. Fiesta Boomerang in black. I won't tell him that it's the tiniest bit vareigated (various shades of ... BLACK). At least it's a thick yarn for his size 11.5 ski feet, so it should go quickly. I hope. :)

  3. Anonymous10:25 PM

    OK, THIS IS a color picture right?


  4. Black and grey? It's Mister gone wild! ;)

    Very nice! I'm hoping Hubster has forgotten about the socks I promised him. Last year. On Valentine's Day.

  5. More proof of your love! Does he know what a sacrifice you make to make him these dull colors? That many knitters fall short and run?

  6. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Your Mister must be related to my hubby. He's not color adventurous either. I guess that's why I've only knit him one pair of socks. ;-)

    You're a wonderful woman to be knitting so many pairs of socks for him in such muted tones.