Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh hai!

And I'm back.

Just as Jen predicted, The Mister had our wireless network up and running long before the movers got all the furniture in. It wasn't until this morning, however, that I was finally able to get on my computer and got caught up on my e-mail and blog reading. (It's been a few days since I last logged in to Ravelry, however, so I'm going through some withdrawal in that respect.)

The move went relatively well. The movers did manage to lose some of our stuff and damage quite a few pieces, but they got everything in to the house in the minimum four hours and we bought extra insurance to cover those oopsies. After three days of cleaning, unpacking, reorganizing, and taking out trash and broken-down boxes, we are just about fully settled. We will need to do a little bit of furniture shopping (the one piece that the movers completely broke was our living room coffee table) and there's still "finishing" things to do like hang artwork, but the house is finally completely livable.

One room that's quite cozy is my new craft/fiber room, also known as our third floor guest room. Here is some photographic evidence that my stash arrived safely:

On the top shelf are my tools -- my scale, ball winder, and past issues of Interweave Knits. On the second shelf are my spinning supplies (though they're partially hidden by the two felted bags holding some WIPs): lazy kate with bobbins, spinning fiber, and some recent handspun. The yarn on the third shelf down had been living at my parents' since we put our old house on the market; there's enough there for at least five sweaters and a blanket as well as about three gallon bags full of leftover sock yarn (I see lots of baby socks in my future). On the bottom shelf, shoved toward the back, is a rather large bag of acrylic that's probably as old as my high school diploma that my mother thought I needed -- Jenn, are you still knitting squares for the animal shelter?

In the next section of the closet is the stash that I grabbed out of the old house at the last minute and brought with us to my parents', along with my drying racks and the plastic tub with my embroidery supplies. There's a shelf above this part of the closet, which you can't see, where I have my swift and blocking wires.

The stash and I are both very happy to be home, finally. It's been an incredibly exhausting weekend, but now that most of the work is done, I'm hoping to get back to normal with my knitting and blogging schedule. I promise I will take some other house photos just as soon as it's presentable!


  1. Broken? LOST? Wow, there is no excuse for that whatsoever, particularly on a local move! When I moved from Ohio to California I had a lampshade smashed. On the move back, we had 2-3 drinking glasses broken (our fault. We packed the box) and one picture frame with busted glass.

    Glad you kept your stash after that performance by the movers. Good luck getting settled in the new place. I'm hoping I'll feel settled here after a year!! once I get through the cleaning folks visit on Tuesday :)

  2. Ouch, your coffee table was glass, wasn't it? At least you had the insurance. :)

    I'm not currently knitting animal blankets but I will be in the future, so sure, I'll take it off your hands. Is it all the same weight or close to the same weight?

  3. Anonymous2:18 AM

    My dear, are you seriously saying that is all the stash that you have? Do we worry about you? Know that you are in a deprived state? Or assume that you have been frugal what with having to save up money for the new house and move?

    The last time my stash was either that organized or small was.....25 years ago?

  4. i am SO IMPRESSED. holy cow. you are seriously together, woman! i've never been anywhere close to that organized and settled in by...i don't know...three or four months after moving.

    what's a lazy kate?

    oh: i just read your hanukkah post, for some reason (showed up as saved in my bloglines?). that color of smooshy is the best blue they have, as far as i've ever seen. gorgeous!

  5. Oh my, you are so very organized!

    I'm glad that you are finally home. :)

  6. Furniture schmurniture, thank god the stash is okay!

  7. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I can't believe the movers lost some of your things. How far did you move from your last place?

    I love that you've already organized your fiber room. A woman with true priorities!

  8. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Whew! Bet you're glad that is done. But how do the movers lose your stuff? Yikes! Glad to see your stash made it ok! Good luck with phase 2...the unpacking.

  9. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I've been meaning to organize my stash; maybe I need to move to do it? :)

    I'm amazed that you are unpacked so quickly!