Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fun with Neon

It took three separate plying sessions, but I finally finished my Boogaloo!

After skeining it up, I realized why it took so long to ply. Even after the shrinkage that comes with washing, this skein is roughly 422 yards of three ply, and it's definitely on the light side of fingering. That is more than enough for a pair of socks for me.

I was a little surprised that the yarn didn't end up being as bright as I thought it might be. I think what happened is that the black and dark purple ended up so well distributed (at least in the second bobbin) that almost all of the skein has at least one dark ply. I still really like it, but I think if I ever spin this colorway again, I'll take a completely different approach: split the length of the top into thinner strips, spin the whole 4 oz., and then chain ply to get bright stripes.

After I finished plying, I started my next bundle of Fat Cat Knits fiber, Falkland in Gentiane. This will also be a three-ply fingering weight, if all goes according to plan.

Meanwhile, I've finished up the last of the Hobbledehoy battlings on my spindle and wound all the singles off onto my low-tech "storage bobbins" (aka empty toilet paper tubes), and last night I started plying. I'm using my Lendrum to ply and finding that these singles are a lot finer than I realized. Hello, laceweight!

For my lunchtime spinning, I pulled out my Gourmet Stash punis and my Bosworth mini, a project I started probably back in May.

How can you not love this pink?

I did do a bit of knitting at knit night last night (swatching for a design submission), and it felt really good to be holding needles again. I do love spinning, but knitting is still my first love, so I think I need to get back to it soon -- it's a good thing that the Tour de Fleece is only three weeks long! I will be child free for part of the coming weekend, as Rainbow is going to her grandparents' for a sleepover, so I'm hoping to use at least some of the quiet time to try to put the finishing touches on the green shawl design that you saw so long ago. I've done all the charts, but I need to check that I didn't make any mistakes in going from the hand-drawn charts to the computer. Then I have to finish writing up the pattern, get it laid out, and get it to my tech editor. I am hoping to have it all done and ready for testing sometime next month. Fingers crossed!

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