Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Whorls to Needles

Now that the three weeks of all spinning, all the time are over, I've returned back to my knitting projects, which have basically been at a standstill since the beginning of the month. I put in a handful of rows on the lower part of the body of my Sople at my LYS over the weekend (mainly because I had forgotten the chart I needed for my other project), and I'm nearing the end of this section. This part is rather tedious because it involves twisted ribbing worked flat, so each row takes a good bit of time. Eventually I'm going to need to sit down and power through this part so I can move on to the sleeves.

My main focus the past couple of days, though, has been my crescent shawl. When last you saw it, I thought I was nearing the end. However, I quickly realized that my yarn supply was not going to last for as long as I needed it to. I ended up ripping back to the halfway point and then ripping out two repeats beyond that. That became my new halfway point after which I started decreasing. I have four repeats left to go, and as my stitch count is much smaller now, I should be able to manage those repeats tonight.

I am excited to block this and see the lace fully opened up. I think I will end up with a total of 30 repeats, which should make for a good width once blocked.

I also cast on a new pair of socks over the weekend, which I can't really show you because they're for a new design. (I actually swatched with a different yarn for a submission, but I thought I'd start a full pair for myself. That way, if the submission isn't successful, I have a sample all ready to go for self-publishing.) I can, however, show you the yarn, which is Sock That Rock Lightweight in Haida Fledge.

I was deciding between this colorway and another one that was sort of a light purple-y gray at my LYS, but I thought this might have more depth to it because of the different colors. It's subtle, but I think it will work well. My one complaint is that I'm having a needle dysfunction. I'm using a pair of my Addi Sock Rockets, and it seems that the finish on one of the tips has chipped off. This happened to me once before, so I suspect some sort of manufacturing flaw. I'll be taking them to my LYS this weekend to see if it's something that requires sending the needles back to the manufacturer. It's a shame, because otherwise these have become my favorite needles for sock knitting.

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