Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No Rest for the Busy

Today is technically a rest day for the Tour de Fleece (as it's a rest day for the Tour de France), but seeing as tomorrow is knit night and I'm likely to spend the night knitting rather than spinning, I figured I might as well get in more spinning tonight. Besides, I have a skein to finish plying up!

I had hoped to finish this last night, but it was not to be. This is my Fat Cat Knits Boogaloo, which is being plied into a three-ply fingering weight yarn. Even plying onto my miniSpinner, it's taken me two evenings of spinning to get this far. I can see the core of the bobbin on at least one of the three, though, which means the end is in sight. I'm hopeful that I can finish plying, skein the yarn, and get it washed so it'll be dry by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'm closing in on the end of my spindle project. I just finished the third of four green batts, and I'm hoping to have all four spun up by tomorrow.

I am planning to ply the yarn on a wheel because I really don't care much for plying on a spindle (at least not more than a tiny amount). I find that it's too hard on my wrists to support all the weight, and I will admit I'm not the best at winding a cop when there's that much yarn involved.

If all goes my way, I should have at least one finished skein to show you in my next post!

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