Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Think Pink

I spent part of Sunday afternoon and part of the evening plying up the pink singles from the Gourmet Stash punis. The nice thing about a small amount of fiber is that it doesn't take very long to ply! I did minimal finishing on the skein because I was impatient -- I just let it soak in my bathroom sink in some hot water for about half an hour. When I took it out, there was a lot of pink in the water, but the yarn still seemed just as vibrant. I put my hands in the middle of the skein and snapped it several times to distribute the twist, and it pretty much behaved. By yesterday morning, the skein was dry.

I absolutely love this skein. It's two ply and mostly laceweight (though there are some spots where there were some slubs that border on light fingering), and it's roughly 165 yards. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it, given the low yardage, but I have another ounce of punis in a pale pink, so perhaps I'll spin up another skein to match.

I also started another spindle project on Saturday for the Tour de Fleece challenge day, though I'd say it's unlikely it'll get done by the end of the week. I had an ounce of pure Tussah silk from Blue Moon Fiber Arts that I bought at my first MDSW (that would be in 2011) that I was afraid to spin until now. I started spinning it on my wee Turkish spindle, which is always fun to spin.


This is one of those spinning projects that I expect I'll pick up every now and then and spent a few minutes on before putting it away again. It's a relaxing little spin, but not one I'm feeling terribly rushed to finish.

My main goal for the week ahead is to finish my last skein for the Tour, a three-ply fingering weight from Fat Cat Knits Falkland in Gentiane. Last night I finished the first bobbin.

I figure that if I can get the other two bobbins finished in the next four days, then I can have it all plied and finished by Sunday. It's a shame I can't count all the treadling I'm doing toward my daily step count!

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