Tuesday, May 24, 2016

On Repeat

Sweaters knit out of fingering weight yarn don't tend to get finished very quickly -- that's a given. When I cast on for my Hitofude in March, I expected that it would take me a bit of time to knit it. After all, the last fingering sweater I knit took me four months to complete, and the lightweight sweater before that took a full year. So you can imagine my surprise when I put down my knitting for the night last night and realized that I have only eight rows left in the lace pattern.

Of course, this isn't the end. I still need to work some additional repeats to make the sweater long enough, because right now it's more of a cropped fit. I still have a ton of yarn leftover, too. I'm still in the dark purple (which was the first color in the second braid of fiber I spun), and ideally I'd like to get to the light blue of the end of the skein for at least a bit. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to continue the increase pattern for the fronts or just maintain the stitch count and only add length, but at least the end is in sight. I have completely memorized the pattern by now, making this an easy project to pick up and put down.

I cast on for my second Bahamian sock over the weekend and am working my way down the leg.

The work on the sock means that I've taken a bit of a break from knitting earbud pouches; I've worked through pretty much all the self-striping scrap yarn I had on hand, so I figured I'd try to finish this pair of socks and see what I have left to knit more should there still be time left in the month.

I'm hoping to cast on for something new next week, but for this week, knitting is pretty much on repeat: lace sweater, stockinette sock.

Before I go, I want to mention that the new special-issue Knitscene Handmade is out, and I have a sock pattern in it!

My Durango Socks are knit from the cuff down and feature a fun traveling twisted stitch pattern. For now, the issue is available online and in stores, but I believe that individual patterns will soon be available through the Interweave online store.

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