Sunday, May 01, 2016

There Goes the Weekend

I had grand plans for doing a lot of spinning this weekend -- plans that never came to fruition.

On Friday night, once I got Rainbow to bed, I only managed about an hour. Yesterday, in between errands and cleaning and cooking for dinner guests, I squeezed in only about half an hour. I figured I'd make it up today. But then we spent about three hours watching the runners in the marathon this morning, and after we went to lunch and ran some more errands, I found myself with only about an hour and a half left to spin. So I did not finish spinning all the singles as I'd hoped. At least I have made some progress -- progress that, unfortunately, is not so easy to capture with my camera.

When I was spinning in the dim light in our bedroom on Friday night, I didn't realize that the yellow and green in the fiber were actually neon. These singles are so vibrant that they completely blew out when I tried (several times!) to take an accurate photo. I figure I'm a little more than halfway done, and I'll try my best to finish them up in the next couple of evenings because it looks like the next shipment of this club will be coming tomorrow. I can't wait to see what it is!

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