Sunday, May 08, 2016


Note: I am setting this post to automatically publish on Sunday before I get back from Maryland Sheep and Wool because I'm not sure I'll have the time and energy to blog when I get home. I promise I'll soon post a festival recap!

My spinning goal for the past week was to finish the second bobbin of singles of my FatCatKnits Targhee. It seemed a reasonable goal, as that batch of fiber was only 2.5 oz. and I'd already started spinning it. Unfortunately I totally failed. I just didn't get in the amount of spinning time I wanted (too distracted by knitting this week, I guess). There's not much left, so I will be able to finish it up relatively quickly, but I still feel like I'm behind schedule. Here's your obligatory progress shot:

Part of the reason I wanted to finish these singles is because I knew the next shipment of the club was coming. I still haven't spun two of the three shipments from the last round of the club, so I really wanted to keep up this time around. I'm a bit closer to keeping up this time, so that's something. In any case, the next shipment arrived on Monday, and I absolutely love it!

The fiber for this shipment is Falkland, and the two colorways are called Taklobo and Kabibi -- inspired by giant clams, if you can believe it. I already know how I'm going to spin this -- I'll spin each color on its own and then ply them together. These two just look like they are going to play so nicely.

I am so tempted to dig into this fiber right away, but I am going to be good and finish up the other singles first (though perhaps I might not ply them).

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