Thursday, August 29, 2019

Cram Session

I can hardly believe that August is almost over and that September starts this weekend. This summer has flown by! I know it always does (and that winter always seems to pass at a crawl), but this month seems to have passed at warp speed. And I am running out of days to finish things before the month is over!

Originally, I'd planned to be done with my Rhinebeck sweater design by now, but I've accepted that it will get done when it gets done. It's more important for me to get it right than to get it done by an arbitrary deadline. I'll have the sample finished in plenty of time to wear it to the festival, so that's not a concern, and I'm sure my tech editor can edit it in time to publish by then. There may not be a ton of time for preview (test) knitting, but I can be flexible with that. The good news is that it continues to grow and I continue to be happy with it. I am getting much closer to splitting the body from the sleeves.

Photo disclaimer: taken by 9-year-old before my coffee had kicked in

I know it looks a little small here, but that's just because it's crammed onto a circular needle that's smaller than the circumference of my arms and torso combined. When it's time for the split, I'll be running another circular through about half the stitches so I can try it on properly.

The sweater is being put off for the time being, however, while I work to try to finish up my socks before the end of the month in order to count them for the Fibernymph Dye Works Monthly Makes program. I'm determined to knit up at least 100 g of FDW yarn per month this year, and I need to finish this pair of socks to get that this month, so I'm buckling down and focusing on my knitting time on them until they're finished. I'm nearly done with the heel on the second sock, so I'd say that's doable, especially considering the Mister is going to be out of town again this weekend and Rainbow and I have no real plans while he's gone (I'd hardly call watching several episodes of the Great British Baking Show "real plans").

I am also cramming when it comes to reading. When I last posted, I'd resigned myself to an incomplete Summer Book Bingo card, but thanks to a slow day at work yesterday and reading last night instead of watching TV while I knit, I might just get a cover-all.

I can say with confidence that before the day is out, I will have finished Middlemarch and filled the Classic you "should've read" square on my card. I have about 30 pages left to read, and that should not take me very long. I've also got about 6 hours left in my listen to Emma, which will actually take less time than that considering I'm listening to it at a slightly faster speed, and I've queued up a book from the library to fill in the Written in the second person square. Summer Book Bingo goes through Labor Day, so I actually have a bit more time than for the socks, and I think with a holiday weekend ahead of me, I can get in a fair bit of reading time. I'm really glad I decided to participate in bingo this year -- I can't get over how many books I read because of it!


  1. I love the yoke design and the colors you've chosen for your sweater, along with your relaxed attitude towards finishing. Those socks are well worth finishing up soon, and I would call watching GBBS real plans! Wishing you good luck and enjoyment with both knitting and reading this weekend!

  2. That sweater is off to a wonderful "second" start! I love love love the color work!

    AND!!! I am cheering for you and book bingo - YOU CAN DO IT!

  3. aw, I love that you've had a great summer of reading for Bingo! and Brass?! completely new-to-me title. Hope you at least liked it!! I am completely in love with your Rhinebeck sweater design. The colorwork motif looks like a lot of fun to knit - I thought x's and o's for the first one, but this second one reminds me of place settings?! anyway. very cool!

  4. Liz T.2:29 PM

    You are a very busy young woman! You are in the home stretch ( on everything!) - hang in there!
    Really enjoying the unveiling of the Rhinebeck sweater.