Sunday, November 24, 2019

A New Start

I'm feeling very relaxed about my spinning these days, so I didn't feel like I needed to start a new spinning project, but today I had the house to myself for a bit and it felt like the right thing to do to relax (and, somewhat predictably, it did lull me to sleep for a bit!). I only just started, but it's looking good already -- but I guess that's to be expected when you start with beautiful fiber.

This is the fiber I'm spinning, Bond from Southern Cross Fibre in a colorway called Two Roads Diverged (I always love David's dyeing, but he gets extra bonus points from me for the Robert Frost reference):

I'm trying to tackle the fiber club shipments in a more timely fashion these days, because quite frankly I have quite a backlog. This fiber was August's shipment (which means I received it in September). I thought I would start spinning this because October's shipment arrived last week:

This one is on Corriedale and is called A New Day. Pretty, right?

For the current spin, I'm spinning my default three-ply fingering (well, in a manner of speaking -- I'm going to chain-ply the singles). I split the fiber in half lengthwise and I'm spinning it from end to end so I'll have long color runs. It's extremely soft and the color shifts are subtle. It's truly a delight. I'm going to savor this spin for sure!


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  2. (oops!) I only wanted to say how much I love seeing how you make yarn from fiber ... and how much I love the colors and the fiber content in these latest "bats"?

  3. David's color sense is marvelous! I love each of them! I especially love how Two Roads Diverged is spinning up!

  4. Simply beautiful - both the fiber and your spinning! I had no idea that spinning was so relaxing that it could lull you to sleep. That sounds like a totally enjoyable activity on a dark, damp, snowy(?) day!