Sunday, November 03, 2019


I had a great time away at Vogue Knitting Live, but it's good to be home. Being away always throws off my internal schedule, and getting home right before we turn the clocks back didn't help any. There was a lot to catch up on at home today. Thankfully, for most of the day I had a quiet house, so in between scrubbing the bathroom and doing quite a few loads of laundry, I finished listening to an audiobook and spent some decent time at my wheel.

I'm still working on the Southern Cross BFL/silk I started last week and would estimate that I'm about half of the way through it. It's very meditative to sit and spin my default singles, and that was just what I needed. Tomorrow, it's back to the normal schedule for all of us!


  1. I love the colors of that fiber! And, I love your "Spinning Sunday's" I really need to get back to my wheel! I hope your Monday is going smoothly!

  2. Here's to a good week and finding our centers again. I didn't even have a trip, but felt a little off-balance myself, too.