Thursday, June 10, 2021

Always Room for Good News

As I've done on previous Thursdays, I'm joining Carole and friends for Three on Thursday with three things making me happy today.

Happy Thing 1: The roofing work is done!
The finishing touches were put on this past Tuesday, and later that day the port-o-potty company came to retrieve the Turdis (well, they actually relocated it up to the street, because our neighbors are now getting their roof replaced by the same crew). That meant that for the first time in many weeks, we were able to put our cars in the garage. That may not seem like such a big thing, but we live on a narrow dead-end street, so there's not a lot of spare space on the street to park. We had to do a lot of car Tetris to ensure that we weren't blocking anyone.

A view of the finished garage roof

Happy Thing 2: I have the day off tomorrow!
I get two personal days a year, and they expire at the end of our fiscal year, which is at the end of June. I never end up using them during the year and so usually take two random days off in June. Tomorrow Rainbow and I are going to hang out. We have plans to go to the craft store and maybe look at some ideas for her new bedroom (she's planning to move up to the third floor at the end of the summer), and if we have time left, we might even make our first trip to the library since before the pandemic.

Happy Thing 3: I finished a sleeve!

As you can see, I'm also well on my way on sleeve #2, so I expect this project to be wrapped up in a matter of days.

I hope you're finding some happy things to make you smile and that you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Don't you just want to stand around and admire your shiny new roof? It does look wonderful, and I think you said you got slate. If that's the case, this roof may outlast you (not being morbid, just recognizing the good roof value.) Enjoy your day off tomorrow with Rainbow and Happy Knitting!

  2. Lots of good news in your part of the world today! Have a fun day, especially the craft store time.

  3. Those are 3 great things - enjoy your day off today!

  4. Your roof looks amazing! I am with Bonny... I'd be standing there admiring the beauty of it! Have fun today!

  5. Three celebrations, for sure! I hope you + Rainbow are thoroughly enjoying your Friday together. (Oh, what a moving library trip that will be...whether it happens today or another day!)

  6. I finished a sleeve this morning, such joy!! Glad you had a day off and your roof is done. Good news!

  7. I love all the smiles from this week's posts ... and expect by the time I finish reading blogs you'll have TWO sleeves done! can't wait to see what you and Rainbow got up to on Friday :-)