Friday, January 14, 2022

Reasons to Smile

Happy Friday, friends! It's a gloomy day, and there's a snowstorm coming, but I am trying to focus on good things today. I am convinced that there are always reasons to smile and be happy, though sometimes they can be harder to find. Today I want to share a few of them with you in the hopes that you can find some of your own.

First of all, Rainbow's mittens are done! I had a Zoom board meeting last night, and it lasted long enough that I was able to finish up the second mitten and weave in all my ends.

Obviously they still need to be felted, as you can see that they are bigger than even my hands at this point, but that will be easy enough to do. My own felted mittens could use a wash and a touch up, so I will throw both pairs in the wash at some point this weekend, and Rainbow's hands will finally be warm when she heads back to school next week.

I also reached a critical point in my combo spin: I finished spinning the last bobbin of singles on Wednesday and started plying yesterday!

This is a pretty crummy photo (see above re: gloom), but at least you can see it coming together. I anticipate that I'll fill at least two bobbins with yarn, maybe even three. Even a conservative estimate gives me about 1,500 yards of yarn from my five bags of fiber, so there is a lot of treadling in my future. In retrospect, my electric miniSpinner probably would have made sense for plying this project, but now that I've started on the Lendrum, I'm going to keep going.

Finally, we have a long weekend ahead, as all three of us are off on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And that timing is excellent, given that there's a storm coming in on Sunday that could make things very sloppy on Monday morning, so I'm happy we won't have to go anywhere. A long weekend is always a reason to smile, but this one in particular is making me extra happy. My brother and sister-in-law are taking a quick trip to see her brother's family, so Rainbow and I are dog-sitting Saturday night. We haven't seen our favorite puppy since before the holidays, I think since we had everyone over for her birthday in mid-December, so we're both looking forward to spending some extra time with him. And given that it's supposed to be very cold in the lead-up to the storm, what could be better than curling up with a puppy?

I hope you have some great reasons to smile this weekend, and if you're in the path of this storm, stay safe and warm!


  1. A puppy weekend - sounds perfect for you!

  2. Those are delightful reasons to smile! And a snowstorm, actually, often makes me smile--as long as everyone's safe. We get so few of them anymore, and they're such a great excuse to--like you said--curl up! Great timing for Rainbow's mittens, too :)

  3. New mittens, not having to drive in the snow, a lovely spinning project, and not having to drive in the snow are all wonderful reasons to smile. Enjoy!

  4. Lovely mittens! I'm happy about the long weekend, too. No puppy snuggles here but plenty of kitten time!

  5. Enjoy the puppy-time! (And those are such GREAT mittens!) XO

  6. Enjoy the puppy. What a great idea for warm mittens. We had snow Friday afternoon and evening and today was bitter cold. It is January though and being indoors means more knitting and reading time. I colors on that bobbin have come together wonderfully. Spin on!

  7. Here's hoping you're all snuggled up - pup included. We shall see what we get tomorrow - still seems unclear! Enjoy your Monday!

  8. I spied that pupper on IG over the weekend! What a cutie!! I hope your weekend was cozy and warm and that you are staying that way this morning!