Monday, January 10, 2022

Too Much Drama for One Weekend

I had hoped that this past weekend would be a relaxing one. We didn't have much on the calendar, and the weather was supposed to be very cold on Saturday and rainy on Sunday, so it looked like a good weekend for staying in.

And then all hell broke loose.

Rainbow was online last week for the first week back at school. Her school did this last year as well, and I thought it was a smart way to allow those students who might have traveled to isolate at home for a bit without having to miss any school. They asked everyone to get a COVID test prior to returning in person, just to be safe. So I took her to get a PCR test on Thursday afternoon, and I got one as well, as it was easy and I figured it couldn't hurt. The wait for results was longer than the last time we went, but I got my negative result around noon on Saturday, just before we left for a field trip at the museum with her Girl Scout troop. Rainbow had had some allergy-like congestion but felt fine otherwise, so we just assumed she'd get a negative result as well. I think you can see where this is going. Saturday night, as I was keeping her company while she was in the shower, her positive result came in.

Before anyone gets worried, she is fine, though clearly upset. We figure she had to have caught it when we were coming home from Florida, because before and after that, she hasn't been around anyone but immediate family. I am sharing this news, with her permission, because I want you all to get a sense of just how contagious this new variant is. As you know, she was only recently fully vaccinated, having gotten her second shot just about a month ago. When we traveled, she was double-masked with a surgical mask and a cloth mask (because the N95 masks we had on hand were too big on her). I've ordered some child-sized N95 masks, but they're going to take some time to come in. This new variant, though, is so contagious that I'm not sure even the best mask can stop it. So be careful out there!

As Elizabeth Zimmermann so wisely advised, "Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises." And that's what I've continued to do (though I've been spinning as well as knitting). I am getting very close to finishing up my combo spin singles; I'm convinced that these last few bundles of fiber are taking the longest of any part of this project to finish! There are three more to spin after this one.

I've also put in quite a few rounds on my May(be) Queen, and I'm not that far off from the end of the body.

I know the needles flipping up is making it hard to see exactly how the fabric is laying, but the back of the sweater is in fact longer than the front thanks to a series of short rows that are worked every now and then along with the fake increases and actual increases and decreases to shape the side panels.

I hope that your weekend was much less dramatic than mine. Stay safe out there!


  1. I have shifted my thinking from IF to WHEN in regards to COVID and your story is a good illustration. And I too am thankful that we have ways to stay hopeful as we learn new ways of being healthy. Take care and thanks to Rainbow for sharing her story.

  2. I'm so sorry, Sarah. I hope Rainbow is feeling better, and that she's not too frightened. My daughter and son-in-law (who also traveled to Florida for the holidays) are also down with Omicron right now. (They were "boosted" about 3 weeks prior to travel; couldn't find any N95 masks. . . ) I'm sending good healing juju your way - for Rainbow and for you! XO

  3. Oh gosh, Sarah. I hope she is feeling better soon (and I am so thankful she has been vaccinated!) Sending you all the get well soon wishes ever and keeping you all in my thoughts.

  4. I'm sorry, Sarah, and send Rainbow and the rest of your family my best wishes. I hope that her only symptoms are some congestion and that she's feeling better soon. I heard a piece on the radio illustrating how contagious omicron is, and it said that enough virus remained in an elevator six hours after a positive, asymptomatic person had been in it to infect a full vaccinated and boosted person. It may be inevitable for all of us. Take care of Rainbow and yourselves!

  5. Oh, poor Rainbow. I hope she's feeling okay and not too upset or scared at this time. This dang thing is so contagious!

  6. Oh gosh! I am so sorry Sarah...for you and most of all for Rainbow. I hope she is really feeling ok with just mild congestion and hoping that will clear soon. Crazy how you can be so careful and still....sending healing thoughts to the Western portion of PA.

  7. Oh dear. I am sorry your family has to go through this and especially Rainbow. I hope she continues to feel ok and you all will remain healthy. I am holding good thoughts for all of you. Your sweater looks great and so does the spinning. Yes, by all means, knit on through any crisis. What would we do without knitting?

  8. Your post is a reminder to me that it's not a personal failure when we finally get our first positive test result (because I know we will, it's just a matter of time at this point). We can do everything "correctly" and still catch this stupid virus. I'm sorry that your family is experiencing this right now and I hope Rainbow has a speedy recovery. And I hope the rest of your household continues to be virus-free!!

    I love your attitude about knitting on through all crises. I'm so glad you have so many comforting habits to fall back on. Good luck this week, dear Sarah!

  9. Oh, Sarah. I hear you. (Lincoln tested positive--though the rest of us negative--between the holidays. I didn't tell my parents because they'd have flipped...and I couldn't do All the Questions, Texts, Calls, and Emails from afar!) You are spot on, though--the level of contagiousness is heinous. And isn't it something how differently we all react? Bizarre. All of it. And so thankful for the vax and the boost, or our experiences could have looked a lot different than they did. Sending ALL GOOD STUFF Rainbow's way!!! And yours :)