Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Back to Work

I am back to work in my full-time job and back to work at designing. Though I took two skeins of yarn meant for future designs on vacation with me, I never did anything with them beyond unpacking and then repacking them. So on Sunday night, I finally pulled one of the skeins out and cast on for the next pattern sample, and I've been working on it during my lunch break at the office the last two days.

This pattern is for a pair of fingerless mitts, and I've adapted a stitch pattern from a previous design. I'll be making a hat to match as well. The yarn is from Murky Depths Dyeworks, a new-to-me dyer. Debbie contacted me last year on Instagram to see if I would be interested in using her yarn to design with. I looked at her Etsy shop and fell in love with this colorway. It's called Salted Caramel and is much prettier in real life -- and pretty much impossible to capture accurately on camera. The above picture was taken in the middle of the day when it was sunny, but not in direct light. Here's what it looks like in full sun:

I'd describe it as a golden brown with greenish undertones. It's delicious, quite frankly, and I'm very pleased with how this sample is knitting up so far.

Before we left Florida, I did manage to finish the yoke of my Floozy cardigan and split off the sleeve stitches, so now I'm in the long slog of the body. I've spent at least a couple hours on it since the split and only have a little more than an inch or so of fabric to show for it, so I may have to designate this my 2019 Rhinebeck sweater to ensure it'll get done.

Though I haven't had much time for reading the past few days, I finally did get to the top of the wait list for Warlight at the library and am about 10% in. I'm not yet far enough along to evaluate the story itself, but the writing is lovely and I'm certainly enjoying it. I just hope I can squeeze in a few extra hours to read this week so I can get through it before the library snatches it back!


  1. That yarn is so pretty. I have Warlight on a list but it seems like a summer read for me.

  2. That is lovely yarn and a beautiful stitch pattern. I'm looking forward to the finished design!

  3. Beautiful knitting, Sarah! I am looking forward to this finished pattern as well!

  4. Liz T2:51 PM

    You can definitely see more of the brown in the sunlight shot - beautiful color either way. Really liking the look of the pattern!