Thursday, January 10, 2019

Knitting Season

I woke up this morning to a cold, snowy day. Though earlier in the week we had unseasonably warm weather and, if you can believe it, thunderstorms, it seems nature has remembered that it's January and returned us to winter. My skin has remembered as well, so I'm back to slathering on the lotion multiple times a day after getting a brief reprieve thanks to the humidity in Florida. (As an aside, I was complaining the other night about how dry my skin was, and the Mister asked me if there was a pill I could take to fix that. If only!)

While I don't enjoy feeling cold, dry, and itchy all the time, this weather is very good for my knitting mojo! I'm really not content to just wear my handknits during the winter; I also want to have a lap full of wool whenever possible. And I've been working on my WIPs and casting on new projects as a result.

I'm closing in on a finished mitt thanks to my lunchtime knitting at work this week, and I'm very pleased with how it's turning out.

I cast on a new project on Tuesday night that unfortunately I can't show you (it's a new design for a third-party publisher, so it has to stay secret until it's been released), but it's moving along rather quickly, too.

Then there is the sock in progress that got a good amount of attention on the flight home last weekend but hasn't been touched since. It will get a fair amount added to the foot this weekend, though, because we are going to see Hamilton!

Some of the knitting this week has happened while reading, and as a result, I managed to finish Warlight last night. I'm still processing my feelings about it, but for now I'll say that while I thought it was good, it was nowhere near as good as I expected it to be. So it's back to Michelle Obama's Becoming for my bedtime reading and a new book, The Ragged Edge of Night, for when I'm out and about.


  1. Ooo! That mitt! I like it very much!

  2. Liz T2:21 PM

    The weather has been crazy even for us in the south - some unusually warm days. We are colder now, but sadly no snow! Love the mitt! And looks like you used the contrast skein on the sock heel. Very cute and love the bright pops of color in it!

  3. I LOVE the lace pattern on that mitt! (the yarn is lovely, too). I just picked up Warlight from the library on Friday ... looking forward to it.