Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Pattern Release: Elodia Mitts

I realize the great irony that is publishing a pattern for fingerless mitts when it's so cold outside that frostbite can happen very quickly, but nevertheless, here it is!

It's amazing how little changes can make such a big difference: I originally used this stitch pattern in a sock design. When that was released, I heard nothing but crickets. Perhaps the yarn I used wasn't ideal for showing off the lace; perhaps there were more popular patterns released at the same time that were grabbing all the attention. Whatever it was, the socks have never sold well or gotten much love, but I still love the stitch pattern. I thought it might make sense to use it again on an item that would be more visible, and you can imagine my surprise at how popular my teaser photos were on Instagram. (My tech editor joked that perhaps the socks might've sold better if I'd modeled them on my hands!) I like to think that this gorgeous yarn has something to do with it. This is Murky Depths Deep Sock in a colorway called Salted Caramel -- a colorway that can look so different depending on the light. It had an almost greenish tint when we took the photo above in the dining room, but it's more of a caramel brown in our bedroom:

See? I think it's a bit magic.

These mitts come in three hand sizes, roughly a woman's small, medium, and large. You'll need 170 yards/155.5 meters or less (depending on the size you make) of fingering weight yarn, plus three stitch markers, a yarn needle, and a bit of waste yarn. The lace pattern is both written and charted, and the whole thing has been tech edited. You can find all the details over on the pattern page on Ravelry.

Eventually I'm planning a hat to match the mitts (that will likely be the next new project on the needles), but for now you can get this pattern on its own:


  1. Congratulations Sarah - it's a beautiful pattern!

  2. Yay! That pattern went right into my Ravelry Library this morning! Hopefully I will be casting on later today!

  3. Liz T2:38 PM

    I think the color/yarn choice does show the pattern off really well. They are beautiful!