Sunday, January 20, 2019

Comfort Spinning

I was promised a snowstorm this weekend, and I made plans to pretty much hibernate indoors while it lasted. What was forecast, however, didn't quite end up happening. We got a ton of rain yesterday afternoon and then evening, and then overnight the temperature dropped and it turned to snow. We woke up to cold and messy roads. Unfortunately we had to go out in it to do our weekly grocery shopping, but we've been staying inside since then.

My spinning wheels are set up in the corner of our bedroom that's right next to our radiator, so between that, wool socks, and a thick sweater, I've been staying nice and toasty. And I'm making good progress on the second skein of my combo spin!

I finished up the first bobbin earlier this week:

And over the past couple of days, I've made it about halfway through the second:

This evening I've got some knitting to do, but I have another day off tomorrow and plan to spend at least part of it at the wheel!


  1. Nice spinning! We hibernated today and I got so much stuff done! Enjoy your day off tomorrow! :)

  2. I'm always amazed to see fiber become yarn. (also amazed how crazy the grocery stores in Atlanta become at any sort of hint of winter weather ;-)