Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Tangible Progress

In my knitting life, I've been focusing mainly on two projects for the past couple of weeks, and all that attention has been paying off. My striped socks are more than halfway done, with two completed feet and one mostly completed leg (I've finished the heel and started the leg of the second sock since this photo was taken).

Even more significant progress has been made on my Floozy cardigan, which is getting quite close to being a finished sweater. The body is done -- with ends even woven in already! -- and I'm hoping to finish up the first sleeve tonight.

Knitting aside, it occurred to me late last week that it's been about a year since I started my weight loss/wellness journey, and I can see the progress there as well. I've lost about 20 pounds (it may be more than that, but I've also put on some muscle) and I've successfully lowered my cholesterol quite a bit. I know that my eating habits have improved. What's most notable is that I feel a lot better. I have more energy (most of the time!) and have noticed fewer aches and pains, particularly in my joints. I can see the changes, too. My clothes, at least the ones that were tight before, fit a lot better; many things have gotten too big for me to wear. And I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin in situations where I was very self-conscious in the past. I think the reason I've succeeded this time, after failing so many times in the past, is that I set out not to just be thinner but to be healthier. The number on the scale is really not what's important; what's important is how I feel, how well I can get through my day, and how well I can make healthy choices that will benefit me in the future. It feels really good to have taken this on, stuck with it for as long as I have, and seen the outcomes it has gotten me. Now I just have to keep doing it!


  1. I think lifestyle changes are the most challenging to make and a year of success is great motivation - and likewise, a good bit of time to cement new and healthy habits! I applaud your success!

    And, your knitting is always so wonderful!

  2. Liz T2:31 PM

    Loving the socks and really love the way Floozie looks!
    Interesting that you updated about your wellness journey today. I have maintained the same weight for years after losing about 20lbs myself and I workout usually about 5 days a week. But lately I have just felt ‘pudgier’. The scale is only up one lb (but still that can be the beginning of the end!) but I feel a change is in order. I think I eat reasonably well but am starting to write down what I consume to really put it in my face. And it does! While it might not be an awful food to eat, I really need to watch quantities and learn not to waste good calories on frivolous things. Funny how the mere 15 calories of a lifesaver can be so much more filling and satisfying in some other form! Keep up your good journey!

  3. Congratulations on ALL that tangible progress! Knitting beautiful projects is wonderful, but making changes to really FEEL better about yourself is a gift for life. ...and of course you'll finish the socks and the sweater, but you are always going to be a work in progress! (lately, I've found that working on myself has been some of the most rewarding work I've done in YEARS!)