Sunday, March 31, 2019

Potato Chippy

I think my current spinning project is the spinning equivalent of potato chip knitting: I just want to spin one more little bundle of fiber. It's so addictive. Despite only spending weekend time spinning in the past week, I've already finished up the second bobbin of singles:

You'll notice this one isn't quite as full as the first one, but that's because it was only after I finished the first bobbin that I thought to calculate how many bundles of fiber I had overall and how many I had used for the first bobbin. I'll have 20 bundles for each remaining bobbin, and I'll just spread out the excess on the first bobbin when I ply.

I'm already nearly halfway through the singles on the third bobbin, and if I can squeeze in some more spinning time this week, I'll have at least one more finished bobbin to share with you next weekend.


  1. Love that blue and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the bobbins!

  2. You are making good progress! I love that feeling of "just one more" - it makes projects feel like they fly!

  3. potato chip projects are so much fun! I KNEW Bonny would love that blue ... I'm looking forward to seeing one more bobbin (and maybe another after that. and another after that ;-)